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Product Update 2.5.7 (Oct. 14)

Updates to the Customer Booking and Reservation Flow.

Hey There Again,

In this product update article we have updates and new features in the Customer Booking and Back Office Reservation Flow. 

Update Notes:

Reservation Form 

-Package Step - Package list shows only packages that have rates setup during the stay’s dates, or you can still do a custom stay.

-Room type and # are smarter - They will be set automatically if there are no other options

-Guest information is automatically populated from customer information. Prefill guest info (first and last name) from the first name in your customer info.

-Guest Step will make it easier to tell if you are missing guest information.



Customer Booking Flow:

-No Calendar shown until # of nights selected. Helps direct customer focus when booking.

-Once # of nights is selected, in the “Green Days” it will show both check in and check out dates. Goal is to make it more obvious what is available as your schedule fills up.

-As we’ve grown we have learned that not everything is a  “cabin”. So the wording in the booking flow has been changed to reflect that. Specifically Cabins to rooms.



Other Updates and enhancements:

  • Duplicate Payments - tweaked how strict we are about flagging potential duplicates based on feedback.
  • Reservation Notification Email will link directly to the Reservation instead of the Customer page.
  • Riding Skills list - adding a Non-Rider Status and Expert is changed to Advanced
  • Printed PDF Invoices now have Ranch Logo

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns or any other way we can help support you.